This is a list of recent papers that are of interest to members of the Algorithmic Nature Group or are relevant the group research interests:

  • Andrew R. Cohen and Paul M.B. Vitanyi, Normalized Compression Distance of Multiples
  • Diogo Pratas, Armando J. Pinho, and Sara P. Garcia, Computation of the normalized compression distance of DNA sequences using a mixture of finite-context models
  • Daniele Cerra and Mihai Datcu, Expanding the Algorithmic Information Theory Frame for Applications to Earth Observation, Entropy 2013, 15(1), 407-415
  • Alastair A. Abbott, Cristian S. Calude, and Jonathan Conder, Strong Kochen-Specker theorem and incomputability of quantum randomness, Phys. Rev. A 86, 062109 (2012)

Topics of interest:

  • Random Matrix Theory
  • Complex 3D Proteins Database